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We present the workshops of this year's festival.


Venue: Botel Marina, Saloon, 2nd floor.
12, - Euro per Workshop, you pay directly to the teacher before the Workshop.
!Please make sure to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before. To be able to start on time!

Thank you a lot.

Workshops 2023

Thursday 18.05.2023:

Elektra Show presents "Burlesque, Tease and Cabaret"
When: 10:00- 11:00 o'clock
Details: The workshop include the basics of burlesque ( steps , poses etc. + cabaret and modern jazz steps ) , I’ll teach you some cabaret’s style choreography , I will teach how to find the art of seduction in yourself and use the sensuality which have everyone inside herself ( himself) ;)
Bring: Comfortable shoes on the heel , some burlesque accessories ( for example gloves, stockings etc. ) if you have . If not, I can lend some. Good mood :-)

• Carmen der Fuego presents "Costuming"

When: 11:30 - 13:30 o'clock
Details: How to find inspiration for your costumes to the act? What is a mood board? How to create it? Quick good tips for your costumes.
Bring: something to make a notes. We need also A4 papers sheets and pencils. 

• Bella Fire presents "Burn the floor"

When: 14:00 - 15:30 o‘clock
Details: Looking for a different flavor to add to your number? Adding a little more flare to your stage presence can be as simple as changing up your walk. Want to burn the floor with some syncopated rhythms as well? Infuse these patterns in your numbers to play with musicality. I'll share some options ranging from irresistibly charming to seriously sexy. Time to sizzle. This workshop includes a warm-up, across the floor work, and a short choreography. Bring: Practice heels, water, dance attire

Friday 19.05.2023:

• Lola Rose presents "Choreography with a hat"
When: ​09:30 - 11:00 o'clock
Details: In this workshop, you will learn a slow-burn choreography with a hat as a prop.
Bring: a hat (but I have extras), and an easily removed dress/lingerie

• Lady Blue Phoenix presents "Confidence building for stage"
When: 11:15 - 12:45 o'clock
Details: Come find your inner light and how to shine it when on stage. This workshop will be one to learn Stage presence How to make a malfunction function The art of face Slow down and not panic Pairing off mixing it up and getting to know eachother to help relax and enjoy this time bringing that inner confidence out.
Bring: Notebook pencil water loose clothes for movement


• Armi von Vep presents "Gaze God(d)ess - ways of seeing.
When: 13:00 - 15:30 o'clock
Details: Armi Von Vep's unique performances have been described as fearless, full of emotion, and always very present. One reason for her signature style is the ability to be comfortable with a gaze: Looking and being looked at. When she started performing burlesque after years working as an art model she was thrilled to be able to return the gaze to the audience instead of being passively-actively present as a nude model. Von Vep has been studying gaze and ways of seeing and it's variations and effects throughout her 8 years of performing. My aim in this workshop is to offer ways to see ourselves through a more explorative, curious & tender lens. The practices can be intense and uncomfortable. All feelings are valid and participants can opt out of all practices if not comfortable. A "safe point" in the workshop space will be designated during the introduction. Seeing ourselves and being seen by others can be a vulnerable thing: We often gaze at ourselves unsympathetically and critically be it via the mirror or via our screens. However as performers with gaze comes power and responsibility like with all performing: We hold the power of our actions, presence and presentation when we are on stage. Where we look, how we look, where we want the audience to look and who we might look back at is ours to decide and play with. In this workshop, I offer exercises where I invite you to subject yourself to your own gaze and the gaze of others. I share practices that I've used for years in my own training and practices that have been a powerful experience shared to me by others. As a group, we'll practice looking at each other, experiment in different gazes and the different ways we might feel when we look and when we're being looked at. In the final part of the workshop we turn our gaze inward. There will be an introduction, warm up and cool down, discussion through-out, guided solo practices as well as a group exercise and a gentle debrief in the end. So talking and doing, but nothing very physical unless you want it to be. 
Bring: Clothes that are comfortable to move in and stay warm in, their camera with a phone on it (or a phone with a camera in it) & cam-phone a stand if they have it and a water bottle.


Saturday 20.05.2023:

• Rose de Noir presents" Showgirl stretching"
When: 10:00 - 11:00 o'clock
Details: Stretching for showgirls, focused on beautiful stage splits.
Bring: Comfy clothes, trainers or socks, yoga mat or big towel, bottle of water


• Fae Wildfyre presents "Tell them who you are! Marketing for Performers"
When: 11:30 - 12:30 o'clock
Details: You've got your persona, you've got your acts, and your fabulous costumes... but it's about more than being stage-ready in order to for the world to hear about you! Fae Wildfyre has been a writer, social media manager, and digital marketer for almost ten years, and brings you that wealth of knowledge for a workshop about how to really stand out to producers and audiences. We will cover social media, website, and writing a good bio. To get the most out of this workshop, it will include some light prep work beforehand.
Bring: Pen, paper, phone, and one performer's bio (a description, not their work history or achievements) which you really like. 

• Pandora Carnage presents "Silk Fan Flow"
13:30 - 15:00 o'clock
Details: This workshop will teach you the basics of silk veil fan movement, flow techniques and tricks as well as learning a small choreography, suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to improve on their use of silk fans for their performances or general pleasure.
Bring: Own silk veil fans if they have but I will provide at least 5- 6 for the workshop, that can be shared.

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