The Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival 2023
Hrvatski Burlesk i Kabaret Festival 2023


Welcome to the 7th edition of „the world meets in Croatia“!
Croatian vibes mixed with your wonderful acts. We are directly in the city, but the difference is, we are on a ship in the middle of the city.

All categories will be mixed every night and the crowning will be on the 3rd evening of the festival.
The categories you can win: Best of Classic Award, Best of Neo Award, Best of Boylesque Award, Best of World of Diversity Award (Cabaret, Singer, Belly Dance, Drag Queens, Artistic, Magic ...).
And if you heard about us, you’ll know, that we always have 1 to 3 more crowns for performers who are surprised with special skills, costumes or other wonderful things.
Be glamorous, modern, dark, different, powerful, and special – be who you are! Show us your wonderful and best acts and let us celebrate a festival full explosion of strength, fun, and happiness.

The festival takes place on the 18th - 20th of May 2022 in Rijeka.
The application period is from the 27th of September 2021 till the 5th of January 2023, 00:00 European time.
We will send you the answer of your application as soon as possible between 05.01 -. 20.01.2023 (everybody will get an answer! It maybe will not be the same day, as we need a few days for decisions and to send all answers out).
Announcements will be done at least on the 26th of January 2023.

Please read carefully all information at the end of the form, the most questions are here answered! 
Also, the description of how to send the application. Thank you!

The Festival Nights:
Thursday the18th of May:
The Cruise of Variety.

Friday the 49th of May:
Boats, Sequins & Tease.

Saturday the 20th of May:
Mystical Creatures meet Burlesque.
Crowning of the winners

We do accept all kinds of acts
Pick your best acts.


Please note: !No any kind of fire, no aerial!
All Performers have free entry to all 3 nights.

Workshops will take place all 3 days in Rijeka at 2 different venues. You’re welcome to offer a workshop. For 2023 we will take just 8-10 Workshops as we want to give everyone the chance to go to all workshops if they wish. So it will be not 2 workshops at the same time.

All three days there will be a marketplace. If you want to have a stall, please let us know. The stalls are free, but we’ll ask you to donate something for our winners or the raffle. It’s directly in the venue, that’s why can not pick everyone, as the space is limited.

If you have postcards or flyers of you or your business, please give them to us, we will place them for you on the promotable.

Please read the following information!
– Uncompleted applications will be not accepted.
- The application fee is 12,- EUR and will be not reimbursed.
- Fee send per Paypal to: info@cro-burlesque-festival.com
- Any additional things you want to tell us (what is not in the form) send to: application@cro-burlesque-festival.com
- Please make sure, you have all documents, pictures, and receipts before you hit the "send" button.
- If you apply as a troupe and as a solo performer: It should be filled and paid a separate application, for troupe and solo.
- We welcome all genders, ages, and colors. A safe place for everyone is our mission.
- We do not tolerate any kind of racist themes or people! If we find out, someone is going in this straight, we will kick them out! Also, we don’t want negativity. It’s a place to have fun, enjoy yourself and celebrate.
- If you struggle to apply, because of a disability or mental health problems. Please feel free to write us. The festival takes place on a ship, The venue itself is upstairs, but we will do everything we can, to make it possible for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We listen and are here for you.
- At the doors, we check who is entering as a guest. If we think a person is not safe, we will not let them in, or if you feel not good with someone, please let us know. We will talk to them, if it‘s necessary we’ll kick them out if they nor acting OK. YOU are the most important to us, and we want you to feel safe and comfortable.
- Covid information: We take care to make all possible safety measures at the doors, the guest area, stage, and backstage. We will have less audience, too.
- When we pick you to perform, you will get a link to upload your music as an mp3 file till the 20th of March 2022. Please don't send files per email.
- We can not pay for traveling or accommodation. But we will arrange good prices for the rooms on the ship and other places.
- You will get a phone number to contact us when you are in Croatia.
- We will prepare a timetable for the rehearsal for all days. It’s important to do this, to know how to organize your props, light, and so on. Don’t be late!!!
- During the festival we will make a video for a trailer and take pictures. (You can be always sure we check all pictures and the video before it goes online. We will not put naked pictures of you online. If there is a great one with pasties, we will ask you if that is OK to post it.)
- With your application, you agree to take these pictures for our website, trailers, posters, and so on. We will check all the pictures before we put them online. We want to be sure there are just great ones on.
- We will also run advertisements online, at the radio stations, and talk to the TV teams. Maybe you’ll be asked if you wish to join the interview.
- There will also be press people at the event taking pictures.
- There will be no fees paid for the Awards. We will have prizes for the winners. And some surprises for all performers.
- Headliners will be contacted for a fee.
- The headliner fees will be paid at the time two weeks after the festival via PayPal. Please be prepared and bring your invoice to the festival. Without invoices, we can’t send the payment.
- When we send you a „yes“, please enter the „CBaCF 2023 Performers and Crew“ group on Facebook, there will be all-important information online. Very important things will be sent also per email.

Thank you a lot for reading and for your application. We wish you good luck!