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Mickael B Adidas 020-8 BW1 vierkant smal

Mickael Björn (NL) will be at the Croatian Burlesque and cabaret Festival as a photographer.

With over over 10 years of experience in the burlesque scene, on events like Femme Fatale, Burlesque Circus, Amsterdam Burlesque Award, Blue Moon Cabaret and many others, now happy to be part of the Croatia team.

Please check my work on Facebook and become friends!

Michal is an event photographer, with more then 5 year of experience
of stage, dance & burlesque photography. Traveling all around the world he was
making photos during the largest burlesque festivals e.g. World Burlesque Games, Caput Mundi Burlesque Award, Miss burlesque Russia, Como Lake Burlesque Festival, Milan Extraordinary etc, he also was the official photographer during Bohemian Burlesque Festival. What is more Michal is a co-producer of Burlesque Gala in Poland and official manager of one of the best known Polish burlesque performers.

We had him last year, an we are more than happy to have him back!

Helena Oštrić, HR


Helena was born in 1965. Mother of three children. She started taking photography more seriously three years ago. She has had several dozen international group exhibitions and several exhibitions in Croatia. Helena won also some prizes for her pictures and was published in different medias. She mainly photographs concerts and storms. 
Last year, she photographed the performers for the first time. She's glad she can do it again this year.



Baz Yellow.jpg

Baz Yellow is a photographer, artist, performer and writer based in Hastings, East Sussex, UK. He graduated with a fine art degree in Whitechapel, London.

Baz has had art exhibitions in the UK and Greece, is a co-producer of two current shows in Hastings UK, and a cabaret photographer, working across the UK and Europe.


Jürgen is an event photographer for many years in the areas of burlesque, dance, and musicals throughout southern Germany. People photographer for 20 years. Freelance photographer based near Memmingen.



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