The Jury of the CBaCF

Miss Botero, FR

Miss Botero is a born and bred french artist in the 60’s. Her love for dance started early when she took her first ballet classes at the age of four, then theatre. She studied literature and languages in university than she rapidly change as a full time performer. She was signed in the biggest entertainers agency for over 15 years as an exclusivity attraction and then producing her own shows as many as 5 touring shows at the same time. She did minor tv shows, movies and musical videos. Worked a lot in Europe US Northern Africa Middle East and Asia (Hong-Kong & Macao) and Caribbean islands. Working Burlesque when it was out of fashion, she didn’t know she was a major pioneer in it’s european revival. She is now working mostly for festivals in Europe and US, was invited to mentor at GLCC. She’s now back more into producing then performing although she is still famous for her highly emotional or parodic acts, and producing old fashioned controversial politically incorrect french cabaret shows (excuse her she’s french). Now in her 38th year of hitting stages...


Sylwester Biraga, PL

Sylwester Biraga is director, actor and founder of Teatr Druga Strefa. Finished his
studies as Master of Art at Theater Academy in Warsaw in 1997, and since that time
directed more than 80 shows, not only in Poland, but in Vilnius (2001, 2002, 2003,
2013), in Brussels (2004) and Avignon (2005, 2008, 2009, 2012), where in 2009 he
won with his own play FIN DE... the Avignon International Festival. In the same year
he received state bronze medal Gloria Artis of National Culture and Heritage Ministry
of Poland. In past few years Biraga is more active as founder, director, producer and
organizer of various festivals, member of cultural committee of Warsaw and invited
member of jury outside of Poland.



Celeste de Moriae, CRO / DE

Founder and Producer of the CBaCF


this Croatian lady is  a multi awarded, more than 20 years on international stages, she is a professional singer and showgirl.
Start with an age of 15 with her Rock Band as a singer on stage. Later on international GoGo and Show-Dancer. Shows ala Burlesque was her life. Since a few years, she is just performing in the Burly scene and producing shows.
She is a very changeable performer with a lot of face expression, that is why she is also known as “The Face”. Celeste is a strong and powerful neo performer with a few classically touched acts. Mystic elegant, sometimes with a hint of Comedy.

Croatian temperament meets burlesque!

Producer of the CBaCF, the European Burlesque and Variety Congres, Burlypicks Solid Gold regional in Germany, Croatia and Sicily, and othe Shows and r Dancecamps



Jordi González and Esther Cullell, born in the 60’s are a cool couple in the world of performing since many years, they started dancing together ballroom dances and kept going with latin dances. Jordi also became a DJ, mostly dedicated to ballroom and latin dance and Esther discovered burlesque 11 years ago, and since 2013 is teaching burlesque in Barcelona. In the last 2 years they’ve been travelling around Europe and USA, where Lulú performed several times and Jordi always has been on the first line, trying to learn from the most important Festivals and performers, so they know about Europe and US different ways to feel and perform burlesque. 
years ago they decided to produce the biggest international burlesque festival in Spain, the Barcelona Burlesque Meeting and Festival, this year on its 3rd edition.
They will choose one performer, who will be part of the next BBMF.