The CBaCF Winners

The CBaCF Winnners 2020
The online edition

Best of Classy Award: Noéline la Bouche, DE
Best of Neo Award: Célesta O'Lee, CA
Best of World of Diversity Award: Hedda, FI
Most Dazzling: Fuckery Von Flesh, FI
Best of Horror: Lux Dodgy, FI
Most Comedy: Miss Strawberry Moon, UK
Sickest Act: Magenta Lust, SCOT
Most Crazy Act: Lady Dada, FR
Winner of a slot at the Barcelona Burlesque Meeting & Festival: Lady Dada, FR

The CBaCF Winnners 2019

Best of Classy Burlesque: Lulu Vesper

Best of Boylesque: Vince Moon
Best of Diversity: Lady Phoenix

Best of Neo Burlesque: Magenta Lust

Best of Comedy: Spicy Apple
Best Costume: Miss Strawberry Moon

The CBaCF Winnners 2018

Best of Boylesque: Ben Noir

Best of Neo Burlesque: Trixie Blue
Best of Classy Burlesque: Miss Cherry on Fire

Best of Cabaret: Leela
Best of Diversity: Betty Fvck
Most emotional: L'amour LeMonde

The CBaCF Winnners 2017

Best of Boylesque: Dickie Dalliance

Best Neo Newcommer: Winnie Pelteez

Best of neo Burlesque: Gigi Praline

Best of Cabaret: Maya Full Power

Best of Classy Burlesque: Affinity Starr

Everybody who was or will be choosen to be part of the CBaCF is a star for us!
We all together make the festival what it is.

Love and good luck for the applicants, your CBaCF

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