Lady Phoenix, UK-Scottland
Roxy Stardust, UK-Scottland
Domino Barbeau, CN/UK
Lady Phoenix.jpeg
This year we're happy to announce one our winners of the 2019th edition. She will be our host for the "Sailors Night" Show.
This vivacious, fiery, redheaded lady with lungs of steel is the one and only Lady Phoenix. A multi-award winning international performer wowing audiences from UK to Australia. She dances, she sings and hosts a hell of a night, shes the full package and she promises you a night to remember. 
We missed her last year, but she is back, right for the birthday edition.

We don't need many words to announce our resident host, it's no one else as the incredible Roxy Stardust!

International Travelling "GlasVegas" Showgirl 



Described as "Explosively Gallus" and dubbed the” Powerhouse of Scottish Burlesque," Roxy Stardust brings 100% to each performance and so much more! She has performed throughout the UK, Europe and has toured the US multiple times. She has shared a bill with some of the world's premier performers and delighted audience members both at home and internationally.


Roxy is a pioneer of the neo-burlesque scene in Scotland. She is recognized as one of the top producers of Scottish burlesque and cabaret, and has played a vital role in the revival of burlesque throughout Scotland.


Roxy is producer of the “Glasgow Festival of Burlesque”,  “Roxy’s Round-Up: Cabaret Showcase” which encourages new performers to take their first steps on stage and  holds residencies at both of Glasgow’s top cabaret venues. She is a frequent and popular host at the Edinburgh Fringe and  and produces Scotland’s only monthly burlesque showcase.


She’s a trained singer, actress and an experienced compere experienced at handling the even most raucous of crowds with her usual Glaswegian tact… or perhaps lack of. Roxy  can often also be found performing as her Drag King alter ego “Rodeo McGregor” or as her sassy grandmother “Granny Stardust” both of whom have many acts of there own!

Clothed in the unquiet ghosts of Old-Hollywood, the changeless Domino Barbeau is probably immortal.


Certainly the tales she tells of drinking tea with Karloff on the set of Frankenstein and buying cashmere playsuits for Ed Wood Jr, point to a figure that has occupied the shadows of "the cinema of the uncanny" for as long as it has existed.


It is said that it was Dom who taught Vincent Price his celebrated Chicken Cacciatore and the torrid love letters that passed between her and Bela Lugosi recently went to a private collector at auction for a spectacular sum.


Having spent over a decade cementing her reputation as an International Burlesque Headliner, Domino is returning to her first love; the creepy, shadowy world of retro horror cinema.  She is a spooky, Old-Hollywood Horror Host, Cabaret Host/MC, International Cabaret  "Showghoul" Performer, Producer, Actress, Model, Horror Hostess for Barbeau's Batcave ( an online, spooky, retro "Picture-Show" ) and Horror Host for the Psychotronic Film Society.


Winner and Queen of  "Miss Halloween 2020."