Great news:
Save the date!
18. - 20.05.2023 is the date of the next CBaCF.

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Get a tattoo!
We are super happy to announce that Debay De Lux Tattoos is going to join us.

I began my apprenticeship under the Mentor of Ian The Comedian in early 2013. My degree is in Fashion Design, alongside other qualifications in life drawing and Illustration.

Whilst I takes strong influence from all of these areas of study. I am passionate about color, pattern, and bold, illustrative designs.

Taking influence from Manga and Cartoon style.

Custom work and for drawing commissions, inspired by Illustrative & Cartoon styles, watercolor, dot work. ​Feel free to message any inquiries-big or small.


You can also find me on Instagram


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Meet Koes Komo


We are excited to have Koes Komo with us on board. He is a maestro in creating artistic sketches of performers, during the performances. You can buy the sketches of your favorite performers or have a drawing of yourself. His drawings are so special and you can take yours home.
Before he is traveling to us, he will have an exhibition in Paris.

About Koes Komo

  • Born in Semarang (Java) in 1980

  • Graduated from ‘SMTN Grafika’

  • Self-taught artist and designer, full-time professional since 2003.

  • A resident of Amsterdam since 2011

  • Proud father of Fenix (9 years old)

Koes Komo Art | Facebook

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Frizerski salon Iva Dabo
Št. Ivana Gorana Kovačića 2, 51000 Rijeka
this wonderful hair stylist will be with us in Rijeka at the festival. She will make quick hair styles for everybody!
For all guests, performers and crew with a valid ticket or festivalpass:
You'll get a special offer, during the Festival 2018, at her hair salon.
Trgovina nakitom ELI
Based in Robna Kuca Rijeka on the 2nd floor, Korzo
Riva 6, 51000 Rijeka
Here you can find beautiful Jewellery and Accessories.
For all guests, performers and crew with a valid ticket or festrivalpass:
You'll get a 30% discount at the shop of your shopping, during the Festival 2018.
Trgovina nakitom ELI